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The Prince's Assassin (book 2)

The King's Daughter, book 2!!!!! PROLOGUE EXCERPT BELOW

Cover title release: The Prince's assassin 

                               Arabella has waited two years to travel to the Dragon's Land in search of Esperlyss's hatchling so she could finally put an end to the Seinyun. She has waited two years for the one last thing she needed. Krea.

Being raised under a violent father and temperamental mother, Krea learned how to lock herself away and never let anyone in. But when it finally came time to make a choice between an unwanted life and a chance at freedom, she took it and ran. But as she ran, she never saw him coming.
Gaven, at only seventeen, is one of Arabella's elite assassins. Now paid by men at court in all eleven kingdoms, he assures the safety of their royalty from the Seinyun, who seek the high throne for themselves. Gaven doesn't know that he is part of something bigger though. He doesn't know that his path is interlocked with the one girl who is the key to all of Arabella's plans.

Gifts, that Krea comes to know.
Power, that the Seinyun crave to have.
A mysterious land, that Krea and Gaven are taken to in search of a newborn dragon.
Lies, told to keep Gaven alive in the hands of an unknown enemy.

And a prince, whose gorgeous eyes and innocent smile might just be enough to capture this young assassin’s heart.

New Characters: 

Krea: 17 year old Middlander girl who grew up a nobleman's daughter. She had a rough childhood and ran away to escape an unwanted marriage arrangement. She is a very reserved character to start. Krea's character is strong willed. She has a hard time believing the unthinkable, and struggles with trusting those who trust her. 

Gaven: 18 years old. He is half Middlander, half Leonalden. He was born and raised until age eleven in the Middlums, and then moved to Leonald with his sister and parents. He is currently in Arabella's Guard (won't give it all away). He is a very sarcastic, independent and self-righteous man who initially finds Krea. 

Question Answers! 

Point of View Changes: Indeed, as you may know, book two of the trilogy is not written in the point of view of Princess Arabella whom we met in The King's Daughter. Instead, I have chosen to go out on a limb and write book two from two points of view. One being Krea and the other Gaven. Often when I read young adult novels, the book is from one character point of view, generally being a female. I do know of one author at least, who has successfully and very intelligently (might I add), noticed that the view of the conflict in most stories may differ through a man's eyes. I chose to center the book on Krea who is now a very important piece to Arabella's overall plan. Introducing a new character from a different kingdom whose ignorance towards the entire battle raging between to good and evil can sometimes add more dimension to the conflicts that have arisen. Gaven however, is somewhat different. Gaven knows everything (or so he acts)... He brings a strong balance to the story, between strength and agility, romance and war, and, humor and tragedy. Gaven is a beastly character who is most times difficult to understand or like, but my hopes are to show the complexity of people and relationships in a rather simple/ likable way with Gaven.

-Why no Arabella and Nevar? Will they be mentioned at all in book two? Of course they will be. The story still focuses on where the first book left off. Arabella has to find Esperlyss's hatchling (baby dragon) in another land because it will help to continue guiding her with decision making and the war with the Seinyun. Their characters are developed only slightly here however. Arabella's temper is tested often, and Nevar's loyalty perhaps... but I shall say no more than that. The two will FOR SURE be developed the most in book three. :)

-The Prince... Well, his name is to remain a mystery. I am sorry to say. But I can tell you that he is in line for his father's throne in the Kingdom of Querz. He is loved by the people, and is known by most as a ladies' man. He's got the looks and the attitude, but there might just be something that he is keeping from Kreathine... What's his big secret? Read the book to find out!

-The Land of Querz! Known as the Dragon's Land throughout book one, this mysterious kingdom across the sea is the home of a thriving dragon population who are living in peace among the Querz people for thousands of years. The kingdom is vast, filled with deep forest jungles, mountains, plains, and a scorched desert where it is believed that a great dragon once burned down an entire forest. The land may be beautiful, but it is deadly. Not all creatures of Querz are used to living near humans...

The second book in the Hidden Secrets Trilogy will for sure be released by the spring of 2015 at latest. However, I am currently waiting on publishing myself, as I am beginning to look to traditional publishing.


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