King's Daughter

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All who are royal are gifted with powers, all except for the King of Leonald and his daughter Princess Arabella.

Princess Arabella's life is a lie; at least that is what it feels like to her. Ever since she was four years old, she has been raised to be a proper princess with all the strict rules that the title entails. Not allowed to acknowledge the man she loves in public is at the top of the list next to the secret she has kept hidden since she was barely able to speak. Gifted, Arabella must hide her powers from her own father and court to protect the lives of those she loves the most from a power much darker than her own.

Her kingdom is at the brink of war– a young woman is fighting the rules of the past to find a key that will help her save the ones she loves, reveal the enemy's true nature, and try to put an end to the dark forces rising.

Characters in the Story     

Princess Arabella: Somewhat stubborn and spoiled as a princess. The adventure that pulls Arabella in comes to her as an unwanted surprise at first, but soon she grows as a person, and comes to see a world in which she must use her status and abilities to help save the people in danger from a most unexpected enemy. She has few friends as she was afraid as a child that her powers would hurt those close to her. 

Nevar Fletching: Arabella's one and only "true friend". A commoner, son of a bowyer Nevar isn't destined for the life of a royal. That is why he must see past the facade of their friendship and know that he can never have the young woman he loves. Nevar is a member of King Andriau's Army (King of Leonald). 

Inigrid: Confidant and personal guard for Princess Arabella. 

Prince Regen: Prince of Athalos (north of Leonald). Witty and instinctive, he tends to act before he thinks. Betrothed to Princess Arabella as a child, he now sees it as an opportunity to get out of an unwanted arrangement made by his advisors at court.  

* The second/new and final edition of this book will be published in early spring of 2017 (if all goes well). 

The first edition of this book is published!  Look at the home page to see the newest updates. The King's Daughter is available on in print and eBook, as well as Barnes and Nobles in print!


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