The Fairy Forest

Here is a short synopses of the story, and I would be more than happy to post the first page of it so you can have a sneak peek!

Eighteen year old Mayrose is living in the medieval times when fairies and dragons were looked upon as mysterious, evil creatures... but Mayrose knows different. After her father died, Mayrose was constantly lured into the Fairy Forest by unspoken forces. With every secret visit, she would spend more time hidden away from her life in the human world to be with the mythical half-fairies. Her betrothed Thomas Baker was waiting for her to start a new life. But she didn’t want that. She didn’t want him. She wanted Chandresh, a half fairy that wouldn’t ever be able to find a home in the human world. Mayrose has to find a way to have a life with the one she truly loves, without breaking her mother’s heart and losing her place in the human world. 

Chapter 1

I hid lower in the tall grass. For once I was happy that I’d saved the gear my father had given me on his deathbed. He’d made it special for me. He used to make many trips out here when he couldn’t bear his work.
The armor was black as the night, form fitting, hugging me around the waist and breast, allowing little space between the gear and myself. It had to be worn that way, for I was naked underneath. The less you have on, the faster and more soundless you move. Which was the difference between life and death out here in the Fairy Forest. Or so I was told.
I rushed through the grass and behind a tall tree in the shade. Sneaking my head around the corner I met face to face with Bleun.
“Found you.” She whispered. I laughed jumping back, dodging her sword. I ran clearly around the tree and off towards the next. I watched her as she flew up and towards me a few lengths.
“Hey no fair! No flying!” I exclaimed as she dropped back to the ground silently, walking my way. She drew her thin sword and I mirrored her actions as she moved closer.
“Bleun you get the upper advantage!” I admitted. “You’re a half fairy for God’s sake!” I shouted at her. She dodged my blow.
 “Yeah but you’re eight years older than me! That means you should give me the advantage out of the courtesy of your heart.” She smirked. I turned and ran reaching a tree perfect for climbing. I jumped up grabbing hold of the first branch and pulling my weight up I climbed higher and higher. I knew Bleun had a weakness with climbing.
  “That’s no fair!” She shouted up at me. “You said I can’t fly! And I can’t climb well! You know that!”
   “Sorry you have to learn sometime!” I let out a loud laugh so she could hear me. But as I shifted on the branch I saw him. Dangerously beautiful, I could nearly see right through his wings delicately folded behind him. He had deep purple hair, his eyes emerald flecked with gold. He was wearing nothing except for a tight fitting pair of pants that fit snug against his calves. He stood tall and shirtless. He had muscles built up on his arms and his tousled hair hung down across his forehead. I had never seen a half fairy boy my age before. Only children. I watched him as he trained, his fighting skills silent and graceful. Each strike of the sword he was holding would be lethal, and almost certainly fatal.
  As I glanced in front of me to my right I spotted another one. A girl. She wore a tight fitting shirt and pants similar to the boys, her see through blue wings were spread out as she flew up slowly and back down. Her black hair was neatly tucked in a bun on her head and her blue eyes pierced through me as she glanced my way. I swung down onto the lower branches and to the ground where Bleun stood.
  “What is with all the older faes out here? I’ve never seen any older than you out here before.” Bleun smiled returning her sword to its sheath and gladly took my arm.
   “You see May, you have chosen the one day, out of very few that the oldest faes come out to break from training. You see because we all have one chance to become full fairies when we reach the age, and if we don’t succeed and change or don’t want it, we stay faes our whole lives.”
     I turned my attention back to the boy. But he wasn’t there. As I turned back to look in front of me, a long sword was pointed right at my face and at the end of it, stood he. He looked even more marvelous than from a distance. His eyes pierced right through me, as I stood frozen. I wasn’t supposed to freeze! I was supposed to fight him! Bleun stood laughing at me and flew off through the trees to the other girl.
      I drew my sword. This was my chance. I lunged at him and he dodged out of the way and disappeared behind a tree. I ran for the tree swiftly and silently with my sword posed. As I turned the tree he wasn’t there. Confused I looked the other way but no one was there. As I turned back I met the tip of the sword against the base of my throat. I froze again dropping my sword to the ground with a clatter.
      "Hello, I’m Chandresh."


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