Seraphina: The Enchantress of Erimere

The Enchantress of Erimere 

Magick isn’t learnt. 
Assassins aren’t all men. 
Royalty don’t all wear crowns. 
Love and loyalty aren’t both the same. 
Seraphina’s magick comes naturally… 
She raised herself to be an assassin despite having been born a Royal... 
And nobody knows where her loyalties or heart lies…

I live in a land where the practice of taught magic is forbidden outside of the Royals and the Academy. This is the place where my mother was exiled when I was just six years old, because she was found guilty of being a Rogue; teaching magic to those who aren’t permitted to have it. Yet here I am, a natural born magician never trained in the Academy, standing by the same king’s side that banished my mother eleven years ago. I’m not the only one who wants him dead, and as long as he believes that he has control over me and my secret, then I will remain. Because the closer that I am to the King, then the closer I am to killing my worst enemy.

My name is Seraphina Austauand. I am seventeen years old, and I am a member of the Elite Assassins created by King Haethure Aristae of Erimere. War is coming, and it may be closer to you than you think, Your Majesty.

Seraphina was born destined to be set apart from everyone else. Born with natural magic unlike anyone else, and in a land where it is a forbidden practice outside of the Academy, she spends her childhood shaping her life around lies. At the age of six, her mother is found guilty of being a Rogue, teaching magic to those who aren’t permitted, and as a result the two of them are exiled. At the age of twelve, Seraphina’s mother dies, and by the time she reaches thirteen she is forced to make the decision that no child should ever have to make. To kill, or not to kill.
At the age of seventeen, Seraphina is the prodigy to the Lord of the Shadow Assassins, an illegal band of men and women who do the dirty work for those high up in society. With her magick being the secret to her success, Seraphina climbs to the top only to receive the one job that will change her life.

KINGDOMS: (only four of seven) 
Erimere Kingdom: Seraphina's kingdom of birth. Filled with drought stricken prairies and vast rolling hills to the north. They are known for their famous trading port and used to make most of their money from abundant crops before the drought struck. The use of untrained magic is banned here for the fear that a revolt against the crown would put magicians on the throne. Therefore, only those who can pay to go through intensive Academy and training can be allowed to properly use magic. 

Restercrest Kingdom: A neighboring kingdom of Erimere to the west across the Nytaetch Mountains. A land full of forests and mountains, Restercrest thrives off of hunting and timber. 

Welsforquo Kingdom: Ally kingdom of Erimere. Mostly desert dry land with grass dunes to the south along the coastline. Rivers used to flow freely through the kingdom before the temperatures rose and the water was all used for crops. Now with a significantly smaller population, their main focus is the training of magick.

Nersterein Kingdom: At war with Welsforquo and Erimere. Wanting to claim the northern part of Erimere and the western border of Welforquo, the King of Nersterein is greedy. Their land is bountiful with timber and rushing fresh water rivers. Their kingdom receives the most rainfall, fertilizing the land and providing the people with jobs and plentiful food and drink. 

CHARACTERS: (only three of many)

Seraphina Austauand: Also referred to as "Ausee" and "Echantress". Exiled at the age of seven because her mother was discovered to be a Rogue. After her mother died, she joined the Black Assassins to earn a living. Eventually she ends up in the land of her birth, where people of her past live to haunt her, and dreams of freedom seem distant and few...

Logan: Member of the Elite. Being so secretive, only a select few know even the slightest details of his past or current occupation. His steel grey eyes seem to follow everyone, and his sarcastic yet morbid personality leaves room for no one to get too close. 

Atticus Aristae: The Crown Prince of Erimere. Atticus is Seraphina's cousin by blood. He is "tall dark and handsome" as one may put it with remarkable dark brown hair and the blue eyes that the Aristae family tree is known for. His is spoiled, stubborn, and he get's his way because he knows he stands above everyone else. 


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