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Seraphina: Enchantress of Erimere

Wow! Has it been a long time or what? I could lie and tell you that I have been writing like crazy over here, but that just wouldn't be fair to you! To be honest, for the past several months I've suffered from a serious lack of motivation to write. I had a few productive days here and there, but nothing like in the past where I could sit and write for several days on end. HOWEVER, despite all that, I come bearing some pretty freaking fantastic news! (well I think so anyway). I just finished writing Seraphina (The Enchantress of Erimere)! It has taken right around five years to write this sucker, and I think that might contribute to why it's been so hard to write the last few scenes it was missing to fill in the gaps. Although it's still just a first draft, this marks the third complete novel that I've written after King's Daughter 1&2 (although I still need to publish #2). My plan going forward is to polish up Seraphina to try and submit to some editors or…