Things are Changing

With the school year coming to a wrap, time seems to retract from its lengthened state so much so that the days are clearly flying by. A lot has happened as of late, and a lot is still to come. Outside of writing, About a month ago now, I was hospitalized again for my ankle injury after getting cellulitis and a staph infect in my ankle joint from the first surgery I had back in January. It was all quite a debacle, but now I must say my ankle is feeling better than ever, and get more and more excited as my strength returns. Recently I also purchased my first car (well a truck), so I came home this last weekend to clean and repair a bit in preparation for my road trip to Montana for the summer! Last summer was a remarkable experience for me living near and working in Virginia City, and I keep counting down the days until I get to return this year. Not only did I get to experience a lot of memorable things while I was there, but I also got a lot of writing done including working on stories, and personal memoirs which I'm still compiling in the hopes to one day turn into a book. This year, I look forward to those experiences again, and I look forward to building and strengthening already existing and new friendships as I prepare myself to actually move up there in December.

With the finals approaching, a lot of my writing has been placed on hold until I could find the time to get things done. It is with great pride though that I share that I am so close to the finish line with the rewrite, just waiting for proof copy of the book to finalize it before officially making it available! A few weeks ago, I did have a proof sent to me, but I decided that I was not 100% satisfied with the cover layout and texture of the matte cover, so I had to make a few changes and resubmit. With the new book will come a new cover, and potentially a map shared on both my blog and Facebook page for readers to help interpret the world in which this story takes place. With that said, I can't wait to share it all with you, and I just ask for a little more of your patience, and support as the finish line draws near! My hopes are that within a week, I will have a publishing date set to share with you, so prepare to get your new and improved "King's Daughter".


K. Coleman


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