A Long Time Coming

It’s been too long, I gravely admit. I’ve never been the best with keeping up with things unless I have a regular commitment that comes with a regular reminder to commit. However, in the last few months, I fear if I did write anything, it would have been dreadfully boring because I really had very little to share in terms of my writing. It isn’t until as of recently that some serious progress has been made, and progress that is worth sharing with those of you who are interested. For the last five months(ish), an editor friend has been extensively going through the rewrite of my first original novel The King’s Daughter. Just a few weeks ago, that revision was finally completed, and I was able to go through the edits made to make the changes needed to polish the story. Oh what a relief it was the moment I finished the last page, and admittedly there was a sense of pride knowing how much my writing has changed, adapted, and improved in recent years so much so that I believe that for those who read the first edition of The King’s Daughter, would have a totally different experience reading the second edition- hopefully a much better experience that is. With it complete, I’ve set it to the side to work on my cover letter and other materials necessary for submitting an un-solicited novel to a traditional publisher. It is still a bit intimidating I admit, to not be backed by an agent going into this the second time, but I also know that it’s not entirely necessary, and that as long as I keep at it, I can meet the same end as someone who goes in with an agent. It just means that I have a lot more work to do myself. I have a habit of making more work for myself- I think it’s a lifelong fault of mine. As long as the results are satisfying in the end though, then I shall be content to do the work for the end goal.
            Aside from my writing there is some other updates I’d like to share. I’m excited to say that I’ll be returning to Montana for the summer again once school gets out in May. With each passing day, the sense of adventure stirs inside of me. Although I’ll be working full time this summer- giving me a less free time- I do plan to make the most of the free time that I will have. I am grateful to have gotten to go visit Montana over Christmas break for a wedding, and to see loved ones, and that week alone was enough to tease me like dangling a bone in front of a dog. I can’t wait to be back and work in Nevada City/ Virginia City again where the history of the city is rich and intriguing enough to make my job exciting and fun. Even on the days that I was cleaning cabins, the moment I stepped outside, that fresh mountain breeze would rustle the green leaves on the trees lining the creek that flowed crystal clear behind the cabins down the dusty lane. Even sitting at the front desk, I met so many interesting people who came and went on adventures of their own- but always intrigued by the history of the building the moment they stepped through those old saloon style doors. A sweet cat Mouse would come and go in the day time, a regular resident of room 1 with one of the summer workers like me. Old fashioned sodas filled the ice bucket, begging to be bought by thirsty passersby following the boardwalk down to the eventual end where they’d pay a couple bucks to pan for gold. It’s a small place, but it holds a place in my heart, and I’m excited to spend what time I can there.

            It should be noted as well though, that this next fall 17’, I will not be in school. It was a conscious decision that was difficult to make, but due to a jaw surgery towards the end of summer, and another one in December, it was best to take the semester off to recover and save a few bucks before starting the spring semester again. It definitely isn’t conventional, but then again, I’ve found myself to be anything but conventional, and I think I’m finally starting to accept that about myself as I find more joy and excitement in these new things happening in my life, and how I must be thankful for the past because my decisions and actions have led me here, and continue to lead me on a crazy adventure of my own.


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