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A Long Time Coming

It’s been too long, I gravely admit. I’ve never been the best with keeping up with things unless I have a regular commitment that comes with a regular reminder to commit. However, in the last few months, I fear if I did write anything, it would have been dreadfully boring because I really had very little to share in terms of my writing. It isn’t until as of recently that some serious progress has been made, and progress that is worth sharing with those of you who are interested. For the last five months(ish), an editor friend has been extensively going through the rewrite of my first original novel The King’s Daughter. Just a few weeks ago, that revision was finally completed, and I was able to go through the edits made to make the changes needed to polish the story. Oh what a relief it was the moment I finished the last page, and admittedly there was a sense of pride knowing how much my writing has changed, adapted, and improved in recent years so much so that I believe that for thos…