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Political Drama

As a forward note, this post does not share my political affiliation, nor does it aim to demean or criticize people who voted for either party. Rather this post addresses the rude actions of people on both sites as a result of the election, and the things that I have observed since.

Granted, it's after the elections now, but media and students around campus still buzz about political leaders which generally means sitting and listen to strangers spew off about their personal opinion of what could have been, what will be, and what if the world just imploded so Americans wouldn't have to deal with the stress of a new president anymore. It has been difficult watching who I thought to be friends, tearing apart other friends just because of their political affiliation. I've have people I know who are even American citizens, urging their American Facebook friends to unfriend them because they didn't like who they were voting for. I don't know, but to me there is just something fundamentally wrong with that. We try so hard to keep up with the modern norm- to put on this facade that we are accepting, diverse, kind, and selfless. That we care about the world, and we care about what America stands for-equality and freedom. We fight for women's rights, for the African-American Civil Rights Movement, the LGBTQ movement, and so forth. Isn't it ironic how drastically our behavior flips on a dime? It's like we are toddlers who ate a cookie with crumbs on our mouths as we try our hardest to convince our parents that we didn't take what we aren't supposed to have. And perhaps at one point we managed to provide a convincing argument. We have tried so hard to prove to our families, friends, and our society that we are superior because we represent the future rand not the past.

But in the last week, it's like the man who was elected president, was the switch for us to shake off our outer skins- to stop "trying" to act modern, and revert to our innate, historic behavior because if he's allowed to have a cookie, then why can't I? Suddenly it's no longer, "everyone is accepted, I don't see race or ethnicity or gender. I see character and heart and intellect", everything is now divided once more, and all of the hateful, selfish things I've heard have come from people I once thought of as being decent human beings. It's sad to see so many friends, people I thought I knew to be better, be so demeaning. I don't care which person you voted for. I still stand with the standard of moral and virtue that I've always tried to strive for.

Granted, I've been lucky to grow up in a global environment, teaching me to accept in my heart, the greatness of diversity. Isn't that the point of this all? Not EVERYONE is going to share the same political views, just as not everyone shares the same beliefs, or chooses to wear the same kind of clothes, or eat the same kind of food. If we as adults see it as childish to bully someone else for the clothes they where, who where they were brought up, then it is the same concept to say that it is childish and foolish to bully someone for who they are or what they believe. If we put it in our past to stop beating students until they submit to the teacher, then why is it okay to beat submission into those who don't agree with us on one matter or another? Saying that you don't care about your country, or your family, or the women in your life... even yelling at someone that they don't belong in America because of their ancestry is not only careless, but hypocritical seeing as the majority of present Americans had family who sought a new life in the country. You break people down until they admit that their persecutor is right when in truth, both sides are to an extent right and wrong because isn't that the beauty of freedom of belief? Don't give the crap answer, "Well I have the freedom to speak my mind," when that also means that you're really just exercising your freedom to make yourself look like a complete jerk to anyone who still retains even a sliver of sophistication; just because you have the freedom of speech doesn't mean that it is moral or ethical or even decent of you if your intentions are to tear someone else (or some people) down. For that I will look down on you as a human being- not because of who you voted for, or what you believe in, or where you come from, but rather if you aren't a person who is positively contributing to society through your actions or words because if you don't care about treating others with respect (especially those who care about you like your family and friends), then you deserve no respect yourself.
We were meant for more than this. We were meant to be united and not divided, but if people continue to direct their anger and hatred about a "system" (i.e. the way the government or elections go), at each other, then we will continue to allow our country to fall into a state of disrepair.


K. Coleman


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