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A Moment of Realization

I figured it’s been a month, so it’s about time I remove you from the dark. To be perfectly honest, I could’ve written sooner, but in the past month I’ve been settling in at uni, so writing hasn’t quite been my main focus. I know! I’ve wondered to myself too how I could have possibly gone a full month without touching a single work of writing, but it’s a lot easier when you have something else occupying your time. I admit that my biggest fear coming to school was what others told me- I wouldn’t find the time again to write my stories. I’ll be doggy-paddling neck deep in water, turning in circles as I constantly try to stay afloat. If I’m really in that deep, that no, I wouldn’t ever find time to write for fun again. However, if these first four weeks of school have told me anything, it’s quite the opposite- at least for the time being. While still in search of a job where I can make a decent pay for groceries and savings, I have found that I have a lot more free time than I ever thought possible. The only kind of homework that I’m drowning in is reading, and although it’s a lot for even an avid reader like me, it’s not terrible. I haven’ really started sinking yet- unless I’m in denial. I did wake up this morning thinking that I’d slept in past my alarm clock and that I was late for class. When I got out of bed and began to dress, I realized that it was a T/TH class instead of a MWF one, and that I did in fact have another hour to sleep if I could get ready in five minutes after I woke up again. Needless to say, I went back to sleep to get that precious extra hour before getting up and rushing to class. Sleep does become a valuable and exclusive commodity once you’re in school- because not everyone gets the rest they need. I’ve always been a night owl, staying up until midnight or one in the morning to write and read and watch tv, but somehow that time takes on a different role in school. I still stay up that late, but usually it’s for finishing note taking for the next day while having a tv show playing simultaneously in the background just for that white noise effect. By the time it’s midnight or one, I’m exhausted, and therefore turn in to my lifted bed nestled in the corner of the bedroom, just out of sight of the two other girls up on bunk tops.

Just a few days ago, I had a realization that all this free time I have in the afternoons won’t last long- especially when I get a job (currently MF I’m in class at night, and done for the day at 12:30, Wednesday I’m in class at 11:40 and done by 12:30, and on T/TH I’m in class at 11:10 and done by 3:20). I think if I was a more sociable person, or someone who was confident in doing things alone, then a lot more of that time would probably be filled. Slowly, I’m beginning to develop a desire to do some of the things offered to us on campus, like camping next week for transfer students, and ice skating on Saturday (all things that are paid for us). Searching for a job is still ever-present in the back of my mind, but I’ve already applied for five in the last two weeks so I feel like I deserve a week off of searching. No? Granted, the longer I wait, the less-likely it will be to find one, no? I am still trying to figure things out on campus, especially since I was sort of just thrown into the thick of it (I only realized the campus market shop is on the way to all my classes back on Monday). As an in-state transfer student I was given no in-person orientation when I arrived at school, so I had to ride my bike around campus the first two days I was here to figure out where my classes might possibly be. Figuring out how the printers operated at the campus library at ten o’clock at night for an assignment due the next day was also a fun little adventure to have with my roommate. It’s the small things like that (and knowing when the best times are to eat at the Union when it’s the least busy), that I wish someone had told me coming into school, but I had to figure them out for myself which does make me feel a little cold towards those who are supposed to be welcoming us transfer students and our money, into their school... All that aside, for now I’m content, and especially because I’ve smoothed my way back into my creativity field working on my stories.

Although The King’s Daughter is still with my editor, my roommate inspired me to write the ending scene of the third and final book that I haven’t even really begun writing yet. It was a breakthrough for me though, giving me the motivation to get working on my different stories again, especially my 18th century story I’ve been fiddling around with until now. Now I know that it has potential, and I can’t wait to share it when it's finished. And as for Seraphina- after sharing the work I've gone through to create the two languages of magic in the book (with my roommate), I've come to realize that with a little more work and effort, it is truly something incredible that can be shared with you! 


K. Coleman  


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