The End Draws Near

Ten days left of my summer in Montana, and man is it difficult to think about going back. Don't get me wrong, I miss my family and my poor old cats dearly, but my home state has grown on me greatly since my return at the start of July. There have been so many things that I never imagined that I would get to do, that I've gotten to experience. Things like learning to fish again, in a clear river surrounded by long green grasses under big blue skies and the warmth of the sun. I've gotten to watch the sun set over the mountain peaks, and see the stars painted across a black canvas. Never before have I gotten to take a razor up to a mountain peak (Sunrise Peak), and race back down to beat a storm. I watched fireworks in a gold rush town, and taken a ride on a tractor. ;) I've learned to fly a drone, and went to the drive-in. With all of the things that I have done though since I've been here, I've also been working just as hard with only one full day off of work a week.

This all makes me wonder how I'll be in school. Will I be just as adventurous as I've been here? Will I even leave my room? As part of me mentally, I'd never be much of one for parties or big get-togethers so I know that I'd hardly be well-known. But then again, anywhere I've lived, I don't think that I've ever been that kind of person. In the scheme of things, having to make new friends for the fourth (big) time doesn't sound all that appealing to me, but then again, I don't want to be the hermit writer who locks herself away to read and write and study while everyone else has a life. I guess I just don't feel like trying too hard when I won't be near those I know care about me. I also know though that if I've learned anything from moving a lot, it's that I need to be open and willing to make the most of what life throws at me. From where I'm standing now, it's difficult to see where this all will go, but my life has been anything but ordinary (against my carefully planned wishes), so I know that I can't really expect the unexpected.

As I brought up in my last update, in all the chaos, it's been difficult finding the motivation to work on my writing. Although I've written small story doodles periodically while bored at work, in recent weeks I decided to work on different stories a little here and there until I struck inspiration gold while working a little bit on Minds of Fortitude— so much so that I've written six pages in two days (which is probably the most I've written this summer ;). I hope the streak continues, but in the mean time, I'll go ahead and share a sneak peak of the science fiction story (MOF) to give you an idea of what I'm working on!


K. Coleman


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