When Opportunities Arise

Last week, I had an amazing opportunity to go into a middle school here in my neighborhood, and talk to more than a hundred 7th graders about my writing (in particular, The King's Daughter), and the publishing process. To be perfectly honest, I was pretty nervous going in. The night before I was contemplating the different ways that the talks could go–repeatedly reminding myself that it was just a bunch of 7th graders–how bad could it really be? I talked with five classes over the course of the day, and it turned out really well.

I was surprised at the number of questions that I received as well as the sincerity of the questions that were asked. It's been a while since I shared my story, how I got started writing, and how/why I wrote this first book. So it was a great confidence booster to hear how much I inspired these young students to explore their imagination and creativity through writing and even drawing. Then, today I ran into the wife of the teacher whom I spent the day with, and she gave me a gift from the class which included close to thirty thank-you cards made by students. They couldn't have found a better way to show their appreciation!

As for updates on my writing, I am unfortunately still working on the re-write. The end is so close that it's been looming over me tauntingly, but still I continue writing as I round near to just nineteen pages left. Then comes a round of mechanical editing, before it's off to the publishers to hopefully (fingers crossed) get picked up. I've finished my first year of college though! And now with a little extra free time, I've been able to squeeze in some more writing every day to pick up the pace! I can't wait to share this new and improved version of my first book! 


K. Coleman


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