Moving Along

As the days dreadfully pass, turning into months, I realize how close I am to my goal without ever seeming to make any progress. With only twenty more pages to go in my rewrite of The King's Daughter, I keep thinking that one day soon I will just wrap it up and joyfully be done! But three weeks have passed now, and the numbers haven't changed. I have suddenly found myself in a writer's block. Is that even possible with something that you have already written? to not be able to revise and edit it because your mind just isn't there? That's how I am feeling right now to be perfectly honest.

I recently returned from a weekend convention in Texas where I got to meet a lot of fantastic women who have reminded me of my lifelong goal to write some sort of autobiography about having lived in several places over the short span of my life (including Montana, Colorado, Germany, and now Arizona). For the past five years, I have been writing short memoirs here and there when special events happen, or I decide to just record some experience or other. Most recently I wrote about returning to my hometown in Montana after seven years, and how it was really not the town that had changed, but me. It's my writings like these that I believe hold a deep influence from my faith, and how God has been present in my life through even the darker times (like moving this last time when I wan't to stay in Germany). Attending the If:Gathering helped me to see that these stories of mine are meant to be shared, and as a result, I have begun another project (like that's what I need). As I find the time, I'd like to start compiling my memoirs into a single book, broken into the significant chunks of my life, as described by where I've lived (Montana-6years, Colorado 3-years, Germany 4-years, Arizon-ongoing). I won't be including my birth state as it was only for the first three years of my life, and therefore I hardly hold any memories of the places I lived there. At this point in time it is nothing more than an idea and some memoirs collected from over the years, but I hope to one day turn it into something of great meaning and worth for others to read.
If you would like, a few of these memoirs are posted on Booksie which is included in the link in my last post.

Lastly, I have yet to share it outside of my family, but here I go... I have finally decided where I will be going to school in the fall, and with excitement and nervous anxiety, I share that it is NAU (Northern Arizona University) where I can get my major in history (and perhaps literature will be somewhere in there). The deciding factors came down to location, cost, and the opportunity to study abroad (since I was already secured about my major). Since I couldn't study overseas for my undergrad, I saw the great opportunity with going to school at NAU where I could go abroad to Europe for a year, and get my degree without drowning in too much debt. Still I wait to hear about scholarship awards, but I hope and pray that I may get something worth while as I will be paying for college on my own (as I have been for the past year).

For the time being, this is all the news that I have to share, but hopefully within the next few weeks there may be some developments with my writing (and hopefully hearing back about scholarship awards), that I can share with you. :) Perhaps there will be some tales to tell about my missions trip to Mexico coming up this Friday as well. Until then...




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