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Moving Along

As the days dreadfully pass, turning into months, I realize how close I am to my goal without ever seeming to make any progress. With only twenty more pages to go in my rewrite of The King's Daughter, I keep thinking that one day soon I will just wrap it up and joyfully be done! But three weeks have passed now, and the numbers haven't changed. I have suddenly found myself in a writer's block. Is that even possible with something that you have already written? to not be able to revise and edit it because your mind just isn't there? That's how I am feeling right now to be perfectly honest.

I recently returned from a weekend convention in Texas where I got to meet a lot of fantastic women who have reminded me of my lifelong goal to write some sort of autobiography about having lived in several places over the short span of my life (including Montana, Colorado, Germany, and now Arizona). For the past five years, I have been writing short memoirs here and there when sp…