It's in the Small Things

First of All, Happy New Year (a little late on my behalf- but still excited all the same)!

It's amazing how such small and simple things can make your day. I went shopping at the commissary (grocery store on the base for those who don't know) yesterday with my mom, and while we came to the end of one isle, I noticed an older gentlemen sitting on a bench between the meat sections against the back wall. My mother and I were discussing something when the man suddenly stood and slowly walked towards me. Before I knew it, he was standing only inches away from the shopping cart looking up at me. Smiling, I said, "Hello there." He said hello back. The man adjusted his large glasses a bit, then said most seriously, "Your quite tall, aren't you? I have to look up to you." I laughed softly and replied, "At six foot I suppose that I am tall... and it appears that you do! If you think that I am tall, then you must know that my brothers are 6'7" and 6'8"." The man's eyes widened in surprise. Then his face softened a little as he smiled and said, "That is incredible. I wish you the best of luck." I smiled back and told him, "Thank you." Just like that, he returned to his seat on the bench, and I continued down the next isle.

It was such a simple exchange of words between two strangers, that made me feel a little less self-conscious about my height (as I often am), and a little more accomplished (for a lack of better vocabulary) going on with the rest of my day. It is incredible how much better you can make someone feel about their insecurities, with just a few words or gestures.

 A similar thing happened the other week with my writing. A friend of my mom's who had attended one of her paint parties had heard about me and my writing that night, and decided to buy three copies of The King's Daughter for herself and her two granddaughters. Oh how incredibly embarrassed I was when she showed up for me to sign them. It was like how an artist can be embarrassed by a painting they painted in the eighth grade, or the first sculpture made on the pottery wheel. Although I will forever love my first book, it does sometimes make me cringe to think about it because I realize that I can do better now (which is why it's being re-written). It is for that very fact though, that my mother's friend bought it. She told me that she knew that a twelve-thirteen year old wrote it, but that the story itself was incredible, and despite the (in my words, "simple sentences and small vocabulary") she wanted her granddaughters (who are right around the age of when I first started writing it) to see what I accomplished, and what they could be inspired to one day do.

That was when I was reminded why I self-published the book in the first place- because I wanted to inspire other young writers to share their work because I had so many friends who were incredibly gifted with writing, but were always too shy to show their work to anybody else.

So as I go into this new year, I plan to have more focus and drive in finishing my rewrite as well as my other two stories. With the rewrite, I only have about sixty more pages. With The Prince's Assassin (sequel to KD), I have the first draft completed so I just need to start making revisions. Lastly, with Seraphina I hope that I am nearing the end, having a 105,868 word count (my longest story so far).

For now, the only other things that I'd like to share are that coming up-
-my second semester of school starts on Jan. 18th (so I still have a little more free time to write).
-I get to go to San Diego for the first time next weekend to visit an amazing friend who lived in Germany when we did.
-First weekend in February I get to go to Austin, TX for the first time to attend a women's Christian conference.
-Also in February, I get to go the Mexico for the first time on a mission's trip (as an individual) with my church. :)
-Sometime in February when my dad is home from China, I will also get to visit the first university I've been accepted into so far (haven't heard from the other two yet), here in-state.

I hope you have a good weekend, and a great start to the new year. It's 2016 finally!


K. Coleman


  1. I always enjoy reading your work Kayla. You are a remarkable young woman. Continue to follow your passion, and do so in a while that fosters your talent! Miss you guys!

  2. Sorry Kayla, that was me above! My account was logged as someone who borrowed my computer. Just wanted you to know it was me and not a stalker!


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