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'Tis The Season!

As the end of yet another year draws nearer with every passing hour, I can just barely see over the approaching horizon that will lead into the new year. So much has happened in the past three years (the start of high school), and even more so in this last year. I not only graduated high school and started college, but I've been working on rewriting my first novel and writing a novel of a whole new genre (from what I've written before). I'm am so thankful for your support and interest in my writing, and am ever-more thankful for your patience as I've been tediously working on everything in the hopes that I can finally send my best work to a traditional publisher at the start of the new year.

Along with my working on my writing, I have now applied to two of the three colleges on my list (with the hopes I will get accepted into at least one). It's a nerve-wrecking processes to go through for a second time, but I know that everything will work out for the best as it a…