A Very Medieval Christmas

As you may know, the winter season is upon us! Well at least as much as it will be here in Phoenix, Arizona. I don't know what you will be asking for Christmas this year, but this year I have a feeling my Christmas will be very medieval. Now living in a new place, I feel the need to put together a new outfit for the upcoming renaissance festival in January. I need to make an impression here! Some may know that all of my outfits so far have been made by me (except for my buckled corset). It's a way that I can generally save money while creating the look that I want. However, when it comes to accessories, I prefer to purchase those one at a time when I save the money. Last Christmas I was (and still am) so grateful for the absolutely beautiful and stunning brass and pearl crown that I asked for- handmade and etched in brass from the amazing store Armstreet, whose photography can be seen on the cover of my book The King's Daughter! From this I hope to create an entirely new outfit by actually getting my first dress made by someone else this Christmas with the XVI european corset dress also made by Armstreet!  Doesn't that sound lovely? I would love to hear what you will be wishing for this Christmas! Will it be medieval? modern? handcrafted? vintage?


K. Coleman


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