A Slight Tweak

I apologize for not posting in a while. Finally I can say that things are picking up after four and a half months living here in Arizona. I've got a job, and school, and for the past few weeks I have been researching and preparing applications for the universities on my list! In case you didn't know, I am planning on transferring from community college to university next year- whether it be here in the States or overseas. :D

I recently was made aware that the link I provided for the excerpt of Seraphina won't allow you to read it unless you are a member of the website on which I posted it. To save you the hassle of making an account you don't want or need, I've gone ahead and posted it somewhere where you can read it easily- no fuss. :) Just click HERE. And if you would like a sweet taste of The Prince's Assassin (sequel to The King's Daughter), then click HERE.

Have a great week!


K. Coleman


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