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The Importance of Books

"You can never pretend to read a book. Your eyes will always give you away- that and the rate of your breathing."  

I suppose I have never truly dwelt on the thought- on the importance of books. Every day in school we used books, to learn, to read for pleasure, but even then the thought didn't occur to me that words written on a page could have such an importance in my life, in our lives. So many people say that when you read books, you live a thousand different lives, but I don't know if that is entirely true. For me, in every book I read, it's me- not Mathilda, not Emma or Pip or Logan or Celaena -the name of the character seems to loose some strength in the sense that it's just a thin veil used to fill in a gap. The point that I am trying to make, is that I'm not living a thousand different lives. I am living one long and adventurous one- in the past, in the present, in the futures, and in different worlds. There is no limit on imagination and books help you to see that- to see that you are capable of a million things no matter how grand or difficult they may seem. 

I am sitting right now, staring at my bookshelf on the other side of my bedroom, skimming the titles from one shelf to another. I can recall each of these books, each of the stories written in the pages like I am recalling a memory from the past. Each adventure, or tale, or life written in these bindings contain such powerful messages if even in the simplest of ways. They can shape the way you live your life if you let them. This feeling makes me so deeply grateful for this gift that I have been blessed with because not everyone can see or think or feel this way, and if you can, cherish it. 

This is why I write, because of the lives I wish to share with you- the messages and lessons I wish to teach you. I may be but seventeen, but as it's been so often proven, age can't be a hindrance when it comes to doing what you love, and for a luck few, doing what you were made to do. So there may be violence in my stories, or things that happen that you would think that aren't "inspirational" or "exceptional", but it's what's hidden deeper beneath the surface... or what some say as "read between the lines". It's how the person develops or falls or is stuck in place, and what we can learn from that. We the reader experience their failures and achievements and are able to learn from them for our own purposes in life. 

I hope I make at least some sense. I understand that I may just sound like I am just rambling, but in all honesty that is what I am doing. I'm sharing my thoughts with you- my feelings unedited. This is what goes on in the mind of a writer. Enjoy. :) 


K. Coleman, 


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