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Use a Little Imagination

As I ease myself into a somewhat regular routine now, I find myself slowly raking through both KD and Serpahina to check small details and rewrite parts I no longer care for (at this rate, I realize I will never finish the books :P ). Have no fear though, I will finish them. The more exciting thing I wanted to share though, is an aspect of Seraphina which is rather new (and still being developed), but I thought was a really fun thing to do. I created a whole written language for Seraphina! Well actually, I created two... Although they are currently only written languages (because I haven't worked out quite yet how they'd sound spoken aloud), I was able to let my imagination run a little wild to create the symbols for the one of the two.

First we have Vellen. Vellen is the language of the magicians in Seraphina, used in both the teaching and actual use of magic. In a way, speaking the language while using magic can help heighten the connection between the individual and the mag…

The Importance of Books

"You can never pretend to read a book. Your eyes will always give you away- that and the rate of your breathing."  
I suppose I have never truly dwelt on the thought- on the importance of books. Every day in school we used books, to learn, to read for pleasure, but even then the thought didn't occur to me that words written on a page could have such an importance in my life, in our lives. So many people say that when you read books, you live a thousand different lives, but I don't know if that is entirely true. For me, in every book I read, it's me- not Mathilda, not Emma or Pip or Logan or Celaena -the name of the character seems to loose some strength in the sense that it's just a thin veil used to fill in a gap. The point that I am trying to make, is that I'm not living a thousand different lives. I am living one long and adventurous one- in the past, in the present, in the futures, and in different worlds. There is no limit on imagination and books he…