Moving In!

Finally after a long loonnnggg month of tedious work on renovating our new house,  I finally got to spend my first night in it (even if it was sleeping on an air mattress). It has been a very stressful month working on the house and getting set up for school. As of July, I am officially enrolled as a student in one of the community colleges here which I will attend for a year or two before transferring to university. It may not be everyone's first choice when thinking about after high school (many of my friends want to get straight into Ivy League schools), but with all of my own personal factors involved, it is my best decision for the moment, and I'm quite happy about it too!

This past week I have begun researching Literary Agents which is my next step with my stories once they are finished. The King's Daughter rewrite is about halfway done now, but with the a little more time on my hands after finishing the house, I hope within the next month that "halfway" will become three quarters of the way so by early fall I can push further with finding an agent and therefore finding an editor and potential publishers. ;)

I am excited that even though I am now back in America, the traveling will not stop- even if it is just to another state. My birthday is coming up at the end of the month, and as my present my parents are letting me fly to visit Montana after having not seen it in four years (and haven't lived there in 7 1/2 yrs). There is this deep sort of longing in me to go back, to see my hometown and to see the people who I grew up with. I'm not sure if a lot has changed there, but I know that a lot has changed with me- so to revisit some of the places,and see some of the people who helped shaped who I am today gives me a feeling of wonder and gratefulness. Back in February I wrote a poem and short story for a writing class I was in. It was meant to be about my hometown, so naturally I wrote about Twin Bridges. Of course there was no way I could have known at the time, but I wrote a short story about a girl who returns to her hometown after eight years and takes this walk through the town where she recounts all of these nostalgic childhood memories like they are playing out right before her. Now here I am, appx 8 years later, knowing that I will be surely recounting my memories and thanking God for them. Below will be the poem that I wrote that goes with the short story. :)


K. Coleman,

(p.s my poetry skills are not all that great as poetry does not generally come as natural as storytelling.)

“Twin Bridges”-KC

Between two mountains that rise
straight towards the vast big blue skies,
runs a river so clear
that it gives thanks to the mountains’ snowy veneer,
thawing in the brilliant spring sun.
Fields of meadow green grasses
sway to the ancient melody of the weeping willows.

Here quietly rests the sleeping town of Twin.

Your forest speaks to those who enter
and to those who never wish to leave.
Your buildings speak their age with wonder
as your trails were what guided those first settlers.
To put down their own roots
here in your valley of gold and rubies.
Although my time with you has since passed
one day your voice
will call to me

as forever my home town.


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