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Moved In, Settling In, Let the Nightmare Begin!

Our final shipment of household goods arrived on Tuesday, which means instead of an empty house we now have a house full of boxes, which means one step away from disaster as those boxes get cut open and the contents spread throughout the house in "temporary" locations until it is firmly decided where those specific items will spend the next few years (that is if anyone actually ever decides to put things in their final "resting" places). As for my room, like every other move, I'm the first to have everything packed in boxes, and the first to have them all unpacked. The question has been raised by quite a few family members now how there is even room in my bedroom for me to sleep because i have so many things. All I can say is that it fit in my last bedroom... haha... Now I've got to go out and buy storage bins to put away the 75% of my clothes and boots which all just so happen to be things that you'd overheat in standing out in the 100 degree weather on a regular basis.

Moving on from the move (see what I did there? ;), I thought it time to say that I got a part-time job working at a local restaurant as a hostess on weekends so that it doesn't interfere with my non-existent week schedule (other than my two nights a week of college). College... what a topic! I began my classes this last Monday, and I am so pleased to say that so far so good! Who knew that taking classes at night would be so great. As a night owl, and definite non-morning person, it is excellent to actually be fully awake during your classes. And despite the rather un-conventional classmates I share these few hours a week with, I think I've made a friend or two. :)

As for today, well, it's my seventeenth birthday! Which means that I am not getting any younger... I say this because it has been a life goal (although my life has been quite short), to be a traditionally published author at a good, young age. Doesn't anyone ever want to beat records for these types of things? Because of this goal, it means I have to go into overdrive, working on "The King's Daughter" and "Seraphina" simultaneously wherever I can spare a moment so that I can get them done sooner. Of course these types of things can't be forced or rushed because the final product would never be as fulfilling or even as good of quality as something that you've taken your time and put all your effort into. That is why I am always going back through and adding and adapting things to the stories so that they are ever-changing and evolving into hopefully, one day, the final product. :D What are your thoughts? I would love to share passages with you, but I must work out copyright what-not first to make sure that I've got my back covered when someone decides that they too want to write a story about a magical princess or a cold-hearted assassin... hehe ;) (although I am quite serious about copyrighting the more finite details.

So it's off to bed for a night of strange dreams and awakenings, which occur more often than not. Getting ideas for books often come in my sleep, which means that perhaps tomorrow a lucky detail will get plucked ripe and used in  to help embellish and polish one of my ever-changing stories. Sleep well if it's that time of day, and have a good day if it's that time of day. The world is a marvelous thing working like that.


K. Coleman,


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