A Trip to My Hometown

Wow, have I never thought that returning to the place where I spent six very important years of my life would be so eye-opening and wonderful! Although my seven day visit hasn't gone exactly as the visit did in my short story I wrote back at the start of the year for writing class, it has been a wonderful experience and so nostalgic. I've gone kyaking out on the reservoir where my family and friends used to go jet skiing, camping up in Bear Gulch like good old times only to be chased back down the mountain by a thunder storm, sit through a rodeo in which you watch some of the most gutsy people take on danger and fears with courage and skill, walk through the ghost town Virginia City where we used to dress up in colonial clothes and raid the candy shop, and so much more that has brought so much joy and excitement to my life this past week!

As a writer, this trip has also taught me something. It has shown me first-hand how lives can change when you are gone, and how your life can change and you don't realize just how much until you are back where everything started out for you. It makes you appreciate everything that you have been gifted with, experiences, people, and even sentimental gifts like a little golden ring. Revisiting your past brings it to the present in a way that I can only describe as fulfilling because not only have I been able to recall my childhood, but I can now say that I have re-established some friendships that may have faded with the years. With just one day left, I know that I will be leaving with the surety that I still have friends who I consider family here, and that no matter where I go to next, I can always know that we will stay in contact and see one another again. :)


K. Coleman,


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