Where Religion Stands

You may not know that I am religious, or you may... simple as that. I don't need to go into the logistics of my certain beliefs or such, but I was going through my journal this evening (yes, I journal), and came across something that looking back on now, warms my heart and makes me eternally grateful for all of you supporting me, and God's guidance.

I wrote on August 30th, 2014, "I pray for my schooling God, that I will be able to work ahead, and work hard because graduating this year means a lot to me in this situation. I pray for the courage, the will, the guidance, and the strength that comes from both you and my family and friends who are my biggest supporters. If I lack any one of these things (coming from them, you, or my self-determination), then I will fall short of my goal. But with all three, I can pursue my dreams for my heart and passion lay with writing, books, and the history of mankind which you created..."

Now you may not be religious, and I'm not in any way insinuating that you should believe in what I do, but I wanted to point out, that I couldn't get to where I am today without your love and or support. I am now 16 years old, a writer, a dancer, a published author, and a graduate from high school who will be attending college in August. Because of you, I have the courage to share my dreams and goals with you, as well as all of the life experiences that occur along the way in the hopes to inspire others to do the same. For that I wish to sincerely thank you. There have been a lot of things that I shied away from as a child because I was not daring, or courageous enough to do what was needed to obtain my goal or dream, but from where I stand now, I can say that I've grown from that younger self, and I owe part of that to you. So, thank you.


K. Coleman,


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