Travel Photos

I was doing quite well for a while, sharing a few photos here and there with you from my trips that I have been going on, and then forgot to after I went to Italy (and passed through Switzerland as well) a few weeks ago! So I have attached some of my favorite pictures that I took just for you. :)

 "David" is a truly spectacular work of art, and definitely larger than life! 

 Lake Como, Italy. 

 Varenna, Italy. Beautifully colored buildings and I wanted to jump straight into the water so badly! 

"Contemplating Life"- taken from B&B room or my beautiful grandmother. :)

On the way home we passed through the Swiss Alps... I think the photo speaks for itself.

This is a Passion Flower. Found up at Castello de Vezio. 

 Somewhere in Bavaria on car-ride home. Move me here ASAP.

 A breathtakingly turquoise blue lake north of Lake Como on drive home. :) 

I hope you enjoyed my photographs that I took. Hopefully they give you a small peak at the adventure I got to go on! 


K. Coleman, 


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