No School, Little Time

Wow, have these past few weeks been chaos! Officially packed out of our home here in Germany (although still living in it), and officially no longer a high schooler! With my graduation on Saturday, and a planned trip to Italy with my grandparents starting Monday, there is a lot going on in the Coleman household. I first would like to thank you for all of your support and interest in my writing and life because they are both a passion of mine. I was so excited to actually have some spare time back last Saturday through Monday in which I was finally able to map out the entire first five chapters of Seraphina: Enchantress of Erimere, also with pages and pages going in depth about every character's history and traits as well as every kingdom and the language each one uses. I can't wait to share it all with you! I dream of having these kingdoms and languages in a book of their own one day... much like a guide made by the great Tolkien.

Our moving date is yet to be set in stone, but are aiming for June 26th now. Once in America, I believe that a new adventure will begin... One that takes me by the hands and draws me deep into the realm of publishing where I can share each work of mine in the hopes that they will one day be able to viewed by you. :) What do you think?!




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