Farewells are Never that Easy

June 24th, with two days until my departure from Germany. Other than all of the frantic last minute packing, and extreme cleaning, these past few weeks seem to have been solely focused on saying our 'goodbyes'. Everything is coming to an end, and sometimes it is even overwhelming. My 'last day' of school back on May 29th. Then there was my graduation on June 7th, saying goodbye to my high school days. My grandparents came for a week, and then I had to say goodbye to them as well. My final orthodontic appointment (long story for another time), had to say goodbye to the fantastic people who have been reshaping my mouth for the past two years... and then today, the last official day for my eleventh grade half. More goodbyes. I told myself over and over again as I walked down to the pizzeria with all of my friends, that I wouldn't say 'goodbyes', but rather more of a 'see you soon/later' because I know that we will one day meet again. When it came time for my first friend to leave, I found myself in tears and unable to say 'see you later', because there is no guarantee. There may never be a guarantee in life, so I realize now that I've fooled myself before by saying 'see you later' to save myself the pain of saying goodbye. To me, it is the best to say goodbye to your friend because not only does it build your courage to actually speak things that matter to you (many people try to keep their emotions bundled up inside), but if you do one day see that person again, it is a happy and wondrous occasion.

One by one, each of my friends left, and I said my goodbyes. On the train home, the lasts person I said my goodbye to was in fact the first person that I met when I moved here (and has become one of my closest friends since). It was difficult, and terrifying knowing that I was letting go of the last person that tied me to both my former school, but to Germany as well. Now here I am, sharing some of my most sentimental and important experiences with you, and to be honest, I am not entirely sure why. ;)

These few weeks have given me a sort of 'theme' to work on in my current novel "Seraphina". That is as you can probably figure out, saying goodbyes. Everyone has these moments in life at least one time or another. Seraphina may be fictional, but is no different in experiencing life's changes and challenges. As you may or may not know, there is a war raging on between Erimere and some other kingdoms. Seraphina is involved in this war because of the King, and therefore finds herself in the position of saying a proper 'goodbye' for the first time in her life. She was first whisked away in the middle of the night at age six when her mother was exiled (without any farewells). Her mother died suddenly in childbirth, and she had a feud with her closest friend and companion a year before her imprisonment which meant she never had to say goodbye. But after spending months in the castle, she has learned to form mature relationships that require mature decisions and actions. To give a small hint, a love interest may be involved, as well as some past memories, and enemies. I look forward to sharing this with you one day. :D Two more days means two more days until I am back on U.S soil, and I can begin my extensive search for publishing houses as well as editors and agents. :')

Until then...


K. Coleman


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