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Travel Photos

I was doing quite well for a while, sharing a few photos here and there with you from my trips that I have been going on, and then forgot to after I went to Italy (and passed through Switzerland as well) a few weeks ago! So I have attached some of my favorite pictures that I took just for you. :)

 "David" is a truly spectacular work of art, and definitely larger than life! 
 Lake Como, Italy. 

 Varenna, Italy. Beautifully colored buildings and I wanted to jump straight into the water so badly! 

"Contemplating Life"- taken from B&B room or my beautiful grandmother. :)
On the way home we passed through the Swiss Alps... I think the photo speaks for itself.
This is a Passion Flower. Found up at Castello de Vezio. 
 Somewhere in Bavaria on car-ride home. Move me here ASAP.
 A breathtakingly turquoise blue lake north of Lake Como on drive home. :) 
I hope you enjoyed my photographs that I took. Hopefully they give you a small peak at the adventure I got to go on! 

Farewells are Never that Easy

June 24th, with two days until my departure from Germany. Other than all of the frantic last minute packing, and extreme cleaning, these past few weeks seem to have been solely focused on saying our 'goodbyes'. Everything is coming to an end, and sometimes it is even overwhelming. My 'last day' of school back on May 29th. Then there was my graduation on June 7th, saying goodbye to my high school days. My grandparents came for a week, and then I had to say goodbye to them as well. My final orthodontic appointment (long story for another time), had to say goodbye to the fantastic people who have been reshaping my mouth for the past two years... and then today, the last official day for my eleventh grade half. More goodbyes. I told myself over and over again as I walked down to the pizzeria with all of my friends, that I wouldn't say 'goodbyes', but rather more of a 'see you soon/later' because I know that we will one day meet again. When it came time…

Where Religion Stands

You may not know that I am religious, or you may... simple as that. I don't need to go into the logistics of my certain beliefs or such, but I was going through my journal this evening (yes, I journal), and came across something that looking back on now, warms my heart and makes me eternally grateful for all of you supporting me, and God's guidance.

I wrote on August 30th, 2014, "I pray for my schooling God, that I will be able to work ahead, and work hard because graduating this year means a lot to me in this situation. I pray for the courage, the will, the guidance, and the strength that comes from both you and my family and friends who are my biggest supporters. If I lack any one of these things (coming from them, you, or my self-determination), then I will fall short of my goal. But with all three, I can pursue my dreams for my heart and passion lay with writing, books, and the history of mankind which you created..."

Now you may not be religious, and I'm not…

No School, Little Time

Wow, have these past few weeks been chaos! Officially packed out of our home here in Germany (although still living in it), and officially no longer a high schooler! With my graduation on Saturday, and a planned trip to Italy with my grandparents starting Monday, there is a lot going on in the Coleman household. I first would like to thank you for all of your support and interest in my writing and life because they are both a passion of mine. I was so excited to actually have some spare time back last Saturday through Monday in which I was finally able to map out the entire first five chapters of Seraphina: Enchantress of Erimere, alsowith pages and pages going in depth about every character's history and traits as well as every kingdom and the language each one uses. I can't wait to share it all with you! I dream of having these kingdoms and languages in a book of their own one day... much like a guide made by the great Tolkien.

Our moving date is yet to be set in stone, but …