What Genre Are You?

Every book fits into a genre. If not, then a new genre is made. When I first went to publish my book, I learned that there are at least TWELVE different sub-genres for fantasy! I sat there staring at my computer screen thinking "Oh God, isn't there just one that covers all magic and dragons?," but no... then you've got the ones where they are magicians using magic, or another where it's fairies and unicorns with magic, etc. In general, when someone asks me what genre my writing is, I answer with "medieval/fantasy, sci-fy, and sometimes I'll write a modern short story." But it is important to understand that everyone likes different genres. I personally, do not really care for vampire fantasy or dark fantasy, but I absolutely love high fantasy as well as historical fantasy.

The point that I am trying to get across, is to find a genre that suits you. There are literally thousands to choose from. I've tried writing modern teenage set stories, as well as dark thriller mysteries, but they never worked out. If you like some aspects of a certain genre, but not others, then search for a sub-genre of the genre that would better fit the style of your writing. :) It's sometimes nice to dabble around with different kinds of writing to find what you really like.




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