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Pack Out Date Upon Us!

Down to crunch time! Panic mode! I just returned last night from a marvelous three day trip to Poland! It was beautiful, warm, and extremely fun! Who ever thought that a sixteen year old going on a six hour road trip with her mother and her mother's three best friends would be so exciting? Well I didn't. Haha. It turned out really well, and there were adventures awaiting me around every corner. I also learned that Polish food tastes FANTASTIC and that the people there are so kind and inviting. Sometimes living in a rather cold/hostile (I suppose more where people keep to themselves) can make one forget that not all strangers are like that. In Poland we stayed at a small bed and breakfast, made friends with the owners, and even had a great time over dinner talking to our waitress who was convinced we couldn't down the giant portions (which we did ;). I also bought my share of polish pottery for my hope chest (sort-of old school tradition), for when I move into my first plac…


In case you haven't gotten around to searching all hidden corners of my blog, I thought that I would let you know that I have posted an excerpt of a short story I recently wrote in my writing workshop that I would really like to share with you. It is titled "Battleground", and is medieval fantasy (like most of my works)... but I was experimenting with point of view in this piece, and decided to write it in second person so as to have the narrator, or me the author, direct "you" the reader in the scenario at hand. You can find it if you click on the "New Stories" tab. Enjoy! (you can also click this link: )



What Genre Are You?

Every book fits into a genre. If not, then a new genre is made. When I first went to publish my book, I learned that there are at least TWELVE different sub-genres for fantasy! I sat there staring at my computer screen thinking "Oh God, isn't there just one that covers all magic and dragons?," but no... then you've got the ones where they are magicians using magic, or another where it's fairies and unicorns with magic, etc. In general, when someone asks me what genre my writing is, I answer with "medieval/fantasy, sci-fy, and sometimes I'll write a modern short story." But it is important to understand that everyone likes different genres. I personally, do not really care for vampire fantasy or dark fantasy, but I absolutely love high fantasy as well as historical fantasy.

The point that I am trying to get across, is to find a genre that suits you. There are literally thousands to choose from. I've tried writing modern teenage set stories, as we…