One Last Fest

Everything has to come to an end, doesn't it? At least that is what I think at this point in time. Living in Europe has to come to an end; high school has to come to an end; each book I write has to come to an end; and despite my mighty effort to fight it, my geeky trips to medieval festivals must come to an end. Tomorrow I am going to Freienfels, Germany where one of the largest mittelalterspektakels is held. I suppose to many, it is a bizarre hobby; to dress up and attend a festival where everyone wants to go back to a time where there were chivalrous knights and mighty assassins who were lived under the rule of a King and Queen (or just one or the other). Although the medieval ages were plagued with well, plagues, and no proper plumbing, something about being immersed an ideal medieval time sparks the imagination of some people (one of those including me). 

It's slightly odd, the importance of these things to me. Like how some love cars or going to the horse track, this is what I love to do. That is why I am forever grateful to my few friends who love me enough to join me on my last adventure to a festival tomorrow. It means the world to me, and I really do hope that I have the time of my life even if there only are a few of us. :) 




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