As One Year Draws To an End, Another Life Begins

Everything is coming to a close. It feels like the last minute of a basketball game when the numbers pass on the screen in a blur just before the final buzzer shrieks in your ears. Except that there is no basketball game, and there is no literal timer... just me and my mind. Twenty-nine days until my house is empty. Nineteen more school days left for me until I have completed high school. Thirty-eight days until I walk the stage at graduation. And 59 days until I find myself an emotional wreck as I leave behind this home for a blazing red and orange desert that will constitute as a "new life" or "new adventure". However one wishes to perceive it. I'll exchange my castles and vineyards for dirt and cacti, but I shouldn't be so harsh, should I? I've visited Arizona many times, and although it isn't my ideal place to live, I know that it's just one stop on a longer journey. 

In the Twelve years that I lived in the Western U.S, I've never gotten to see the Grand Canyon, so I will get to do that (that's actually my number one thing to see when we move back). I will also have the freedom and time I have been needing to finally wrap up stories that have been sitting half done for months and even years. I will also finally be able to better acquaint myself with both the publishing industry, and a job ( if I get one ;). I came to Germany knowing that I wouldn't be living here the rest of my life, that one day I would return to America. That day feels so distant in the past now, merely a vague memory of my younger self. I have a whole life to look forward to. After having this experience overseas I know that I will come back one day. If I can, I will live here in Europe again. Whether it be the UK, or France, or here in Germany, I don't mind for I have seen and fallen in love with the wonders of this place. The first of many to come. 




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