2 Year Anniversary!

So I may be a terrible person for forgetting the two year anniversary of publishing my first novel "The King's Daughter" back on March 31st, but today was the day that I actually received the first copy ever in the mail!!! It's amazing to think how far that I've come since that day in 9th grade tongue emoticonWith a lot of feedback from other publishers, writers, and friends since that day, I have been able to grow and expand my work into three novels (although the third is not yet finished). Although my first book may not be the best example of my writing at the present, it will forever be extremely important to me as writer and as a person. That is why I am excited to be doing a final rewrite of the book in order to bring it agents, editors, and traditional publishers once I have returned to the US. Other than book one, I have been simultaneously been writing my new book "Seraphina" as well as a new one started for a school class titled "Minds of Fortitude". I know it may not be the brightest idea to do so at the same time, but it's nice to switch from one story to the other when I get writer's block. smile emoticon
That is all beside the point though. I am most grateful, and happy for ALL of the support that I have gotten over these two years. I couldn't keep doing this if it wasn't for all of you. Friends, family, publishers, editors... you have all helped me whether it through something small or something large. Thank you.


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