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One Last Fest

Everything has to come to an end, doesn't it? At least that is what I think at this point in time. Living in Europe has to come to an end; high school has to come to an end; each book I write has to come to an end; and despite my mighty effort to fight it, my geeky trips to medieval festivals must come to an end. Tomorrow I am going to Freienfels, Germany where one of the largest mittelalterspektakels is held. I suppose to many, it is a bizarre hobby; to dress up and attend a festival where everyone wants to go back to a time where there were chivalrous knights and mighty assassins who were lived under the rule of a King and Queen (or just one or the other). Although the medieval ages were plagued with well, plagues, and no proper plumbing, something about being immersed an ideal medieval time sparks the imagination of some people (one of those including me). 
It's slightly odd, the importance of these things to me. Like how some love cars or going to the horse track, this is …

As One Year Draws To an End, Another Life Begins

Everything is coming to a close. It feels like the last minute of a basketball game when the numbers pass on the screen in a blur just before the final buzzer shrieks in your ears. Except that there is no basketball game, and there is no literal timer... just me and my mind. Twenty-nine days until my house is empty. Nineteen more school days left for me until I have completed high school. Thirty-eight days until I walk the stage at graduation. And 59 days until I find myself an emotional wreck as I leave behind this home for a blazing red and orange desert that will constitute as a "new life" or "new adventure". However one wishes to perceive it. I'll exchange my castles and vineyards for dirt and cacti, but I shouldn't be so harsh, should I? I've visited Arizona many times, and although it isn't my ideal place to live, I know that it's just one stop on a longer journey. 
In the Twelve years that I lived in the Western U.S, I've never gotte…

Photos Part II.

Photos from Belgium and France.

 (^ The above photos are of Omaha and Gold beaches, once drenched in crimson blood as American and Canadian soldiers rushed ashore to attack the Nazi Army).
 (The Drive to our small cottage in the middle of the French Countryside^^)
 (The White Cliffs of Normandy^^ The closest I could get to The White Cliffs of Dover England, directly across the English Channel.)
 (White Cliffs ^)
 (Above Beach Gold)
 (American Cemetery located above Omaha Beach, Normandy).
 (These were the cliffs that the American and British soldiers had to climb to reach the enemy soldiers).
(Lunch under the Eiffel Tower, Paris).



Spring Break Part 2. Belgium and Normandy

There are some places where you just know that you are meant to be. For me, that includes medieval festivals, and the French and or German countryside. I've been to France before (to the Alsace region) and loved it. Northern France, believe it or not, is quite different. There is something about the vast open fields with quaint 300-400 year old villages interspersed throughout, that sings softly to me like the warm spring breeze that whistles through the wild grasses. I'm sure you know the term "picturesque" or "post-card perfect". I'm pretty 99% of the Normandy countryside is like that. Not only is Normandy full of beautiful landscapes and villages, but it also has a very long, engrossing history (especially at the time of World War II). It was both a humbling and informative visit to the beaches of Normandy (Gold and Omaha) as well as the American Cemetery. What was particularly terrifying and so surreal was the 360ยบ cinema where you stand in the mids…

Travel Photos

I thought that I would share a few photos from my travels this Spring Break! This is Part One including some photos from Greece to go along with my last travel post! :D

 (^ is the Temple of Poseidon)
 (^ is a beach in Voula, outside of Athens)
 (^ is the theatre just below the Parthenon in Athens)
(^ is the Parthenon!)
(^ is the view of Athens from the top of the Acropolis!)



2 Year Anniversary!

So I may be a terrible person for forgetting the two year anniversary of publishing my first novel "The King's Daughter" back on March 31st, but today was the day that I actually received the first copy ever in the mail!!! It's amazing to think how far that I've come since that day in 9th grade tongue emoticonWith a lot of feedback from other publishers, writers, and friends since that day, I have been able to grow and expand my work into three novels (although the third is not yet finished). Although my first book may not be the best example of my writing at the present, it will forever be extremely important to me as writer and as a person. That is why I am excited to be doing a final rewrite of the book in order to bring it agents, editors, and traditional publishers once I have returned to the US. Other than book one, I have been simultaneously been writing my new book "Seraphina" as well as a new one started for a school class titled "Minds of…

Spring Break Travels Part 1. Greece

Some places take time to grow on you… sort of like the flavor of string beans or sparkling water. Athens, appears to be a run down city like a lot of what I saw in Spain last fall, with graffiti everywhere, and unclean streets and buildings. It’s also a very busy city. Well over half of Greece’s population is molded and pushed and shoved into the boundaries of this city, causing what I would call chaos. I would say that over 90% of the vehicles on the street of the city are taxis, and the rest are fancy bmws and peugots driven by the more wealthy of the residents. We did our own little self-tour of the acropolis the first day, and must admit that we couldn’t have picked a better time of year. If we had waited until mid-April or even May, the tourists would be pouring in, and the temperature would be close to the 100s (f). Having summer weather might be nice for some, but when you want to be hiking up ancient ruins every day, you would be sweating your brains out. Not a great idea. It…