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Prologue to "The Prince's Assassin"

It has been a long time since I addressed my second book in the trilogy. With the recent interest taken by many, I thought that I would share the prologue for "The Prince's Assassin." I am currently working with it to hopefully have it in good shape to publish over the summer! There may be more excerpts to come from both this book, and my first book of a new series that I am calling "Seraphina."


"The sun glides across the darkening sky, streaking the faultless blue canvas with vibrant oranges and reds, just before it sets over the ocean's horizon as it does every day. Although now there is no more Esperlyss to disappear into the sunset like she used to do. Esperlyss is no longer here to consult about my choices. She can't help me destroy the men who have ruined me. The kingdoms have suffered enough after the destructive ruling of the deceased King of Leonald.

It is my time to step forwards and protect the people. I know that I will be keeping every gifted human alive with every Seinyun that is killed. I have a small army of fully trained assassin that assist me on my missions, helping to ease the difficult task. Ever since Esperlyss sacrificed her life for mine though, I have felt that something is missing. My dragon made me swear an oath that I will search for her hatchling once I returned to the Summer Palace, and now that I have, I intend to do so.

The plans have been falling into place with every dat that I have waited. I have been carefully selecting the members that will accompany me on the journey, as well as the weapons we will carry, and the strategies we will use to search. I have waited two ears for the last item I need before we can embark on our journey. She has come to us in the most unlikely of circumstances; unaware of the vital role she will play in the act of saving my kingdom. She has travelled from afar, not knowing she would ever be found.

She is the answer to it all. The extra strength and power that I need to help find the hatchling. She will have skills so sharp yet sly that she will be able to spy right under their noses. She will be the one to find the key. She will grow to learn her true purpose here with us, and not with the life that she lived before. Because once the young dragon is found, I will finally e able to put an end to the Dark Sorcery, and put an end to the Seinyun.

This is only possible with the help of Krea.

Krea is the last piece I have been waiting for and she has finally come running to my arms, running straight towards her true purpose." 


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