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~Spring Break~

Spring break is nearly upon us here in Frankfurt, Germany (at least for my school). I am so exited and forever grateful to my aunt who will be journeying with me to Greece next week, and then Normandy the week after! Never in my life would I have thought that I would get to go to such beautiful places, but life can take you by surprise (not just the bad!) Along with spring break though, comes my slight increase in speed as I try to finish my extra classes in time for graduation. Because, of this, I have been quite busy... but not busy enough to neglect my writing. :) My new story "Minds of Fortitude" is coming along excellently I would say, AND I've started going through "The King's Daughter" for the first time in a year. Wow, what a difference time makes. Perhaps with this new outlook on the book, the right changes will be made to make it the best possible to try submitting to traditional publishers once again! Never give up for there are always more oppor…

Prologue to "The Prince's Assassin"

It has been a long time since I addressed my second book in the trilogy. With the recent interest taken by many, I thought that I would share the prologue for "The Prince's Assassin." I am currently working with it to hopefully have it in good shape to publish over the summer! There may be more excerpts to come from both this book, and my first book of a new series that I am calling "Seraphina."

"The sun glides across the darkening sky, streaking the faultless blue canvas with vibrant oranges and reds, just before it sets over the ocean's horizon as it does every day. Although now there is no more Esperlyss to disappear into the sunset like she used to do. Esperlyss is no longer here to consult about my choices. She can't help me destroy the men who have ruined me. The kingdoms have suffered enough after the destructive ruling of the deceased King of Leonald.

It is my time to step forwards and protect the people. I know that I will be ke…

Keeping it Brief!

First of all, thank you everyone who has been visiting my Facebook page as well as my blog. I've got 5,600 viewers on here now, and 240 likes on Facebook (not a ton, but a lot more that a month ago). I am very grateful for having so many who take an interest in my work. The following is what I shared on Facebook last week, and thought I should share here as well... :) 

For those of you who haven't heard the news, I will be graduating in June! This is a very exciting time for me because there is a lot going on for both my writing and my possible future! I have been accepted into the university as well, but have not yet made the decision as to whether or not I will be attending in the fall. There are a lot of factors that come into play when put in a very different position/situation from most people. Whether I choose to attend or not though, my writing will continue! I am currently in debate as to whether or not go through with just self-publishing "The Prince's Assassi…