The Day Draws Near

I had the great opportunity to visit the US during my school break for a week and a half and am currently here in America! Being here has made me realize how close the day is that I will be moving away from Germany and back to the land of my childhood. I visited Barnes&Noble this morning, and would have walked out with two arms full of books if I didn't have to buy them myself! ;) I did leave however with a few books that were on the top of my list including, "The Republic of Thieves", "The Red Queen", and "Clariel" which I am all so excited to read!

Although my visit has been primarily centered around eating at the best America restaurants/ fast food joints including Five Guys and In&Out, I am also here to look at schools and places where I may end up living for the next two years... It is strange having a say in how my life is going to change, where I want to start again, and so on... It is different from when you are a kid and have to just go along with wherever your parents move to. I always thought moving was forced upon me (or anyone), and this seems to be quite different. If I still had the chance to remain in Germany, I would, and I still don't want to leave the amazing friends that I have made... but I think that having a say in where we are going to end up, helps a little.

With that said, I believe that this concept could be applied to writing. Don't force your ideas on writing. It may sound slightly odd, but allow time for your ideas and thoughts to settle before you morph them or fit them into your story. Sometimes if you don't, things will sound forced when writing (and eventually reading). If an idea of yours doesn't fit into the story quite right, hold off on it and put it at the end of the document. Either you will come to a point later in the story where it will fit better, or that scene just wasn't meant to be. In terms of moving, allow time to let it settle in. And don't act too quickly on moving to one place because you may not end up liking it after a week or two of living there. Make sense? Haha, I may just be spluttering nonsense, but perhaps it will get across to someone. :)

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