Scholastic News!

Well, as some of you fellow writers may know, the Scholastic Art and Writing Region-at-Large winners were announced on Monday the 2nd of February. I entered three works this year, knowing that this is my last opportunity seeing as I graduate in June (you have to be a high school student to participate). One of those submissions was an excerpt from "The Enchantress of Erimere" while the other two were a short story and a memoir.

Just to ease some nerves a little, the novel writing winners will not be announced until mid-April because they take longer to judge. I was a little disappointed in the end with my other two works, that I received no great awards like a silver or gold, but I did come to learn that I won an honorable mention for my personal memoir/essay titled "An Alteration of Time and Perception." It warms my heart to know that I won an award for writing a little about my story, no matter how small it may be. With over 13 million (correct me if I'm wrong) participants in the competition, it makes me feel a little better as a writer to have some of my work recognized. Perhaps a little later I will share the memoir with you.

And the point of sharing this announcement is to tell you can always tell others that you yourself are not that great at something, but until you put yourself or your work out there for others to see and admire, you shouldn't put yourself down. Creativity and imagination are in the mind, and can't always be seen at first glance. So let people get to know you a little better. Perhaps there share more things in common with you than you thought. :)

I hope you have a great weekend, and try to write a little! Even if it is just creating a fictional character!




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