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The Day Draws Near

I had the great opportunity to visit the US during my school break for a week and a half and am currently here in America! Being here has made me realize how close the day is that I will be moving away from Germany and back to the land of my childhood. I visited Barnes&Noble this morning, and would have walked out with two arms full of books if I didn't have to buy them myself! ;) I did leave however with a few books that were on the top of my list including, "The Republic of Thieves", "The Red Queen", and "Clariel" which I am all so excited to read!

Although my visit has been primarily centered around eating at the best America restaurants/ fast food joints including Five Guys and In&Out, I am also here to look at schools and places where I may end up living for the next two years... It is strange having a say in how my life is going to change, where I want to start again, and so on... It is different from when you are a kid and have to just …

Scholastic News!

Well, as some of you fellow writers may know, the Scholastic Art and Writing Region-at-Large winners were announced on Monday the 2nd of February. I entered three works this year, knowing that this is my last opportunity seeing as I graduate in June (you have to be a high school student to participate). One of those submissions was an excerpt from "The Enchantress of Erimere" while the other two were a short story and a memoir.

Just to ease some nerves a little, the novel writing winners will not be announced until mid-April because they take longer to judge. I was a little disappointed in the end with my other two works, that I received no great awards like a silver or gold, but I did come to learn that I won an honorable mention for my personal memoir/essay titled "An Alteration of Time and Perception." It warms my heart to know that I won an award for writing a little about my story, no matter how small it may be. With over 13 million (correct me if I'm wron…

Character Sketching

No I don't mean literal sketches... although those can be very helpful if you are a visual person. I would LOVE to sketch my characters because of course I know exactly what they look like in my mind, but once it comes time to put them down on paper with a pencil... well let me just say they don't even look human. When I say character sketches, what I mean is writing up a detailed background or sort of profile about your characters. I know that I don't usually talk about this sort of thing, but I was recently given an assignment in my writing class that I am taking this semester, and I thought it would be a great idea to tell "you" that it is a great idea. Although I have never done a complete sketch of any of the characters I have ever created, I have always made sure to know just how they as a person are and how they act so that no matter what sort of situation, based upon their personality, I know how to plot the outcome.

Now once I finish this assignment, I w…