Some New News: Graduating 2015

I don't believe I ever shared with you this, but it is something very important to me, and is something that is upcoming! There are two primary reasons why I have held off on publishing book two, "The Prince's Assassin". The first reason being that I wanted to wait until we return to the United States this summer because I will then have better opportunities to meet with people in person, and find an agent, etc. The second reason also has to do with why there haven't been many posts recently... I've had the great opportunity given to me to graduate a year early. It is a very complicated and difficult process in which I have to invest all the more time in extra classes and school work. I am trying my very best and am very motivated, but it does take away from some of my writing time.

However, the good news is that I graduate in five months exact from this date, June 8th 2015! Wow, now that I'm saying that, I realize just how close the date is... haha. Well, excitement! Anyways, I really wanted to share that news with you. More good news is that since I graduate early, and will be most likely simply doing community college courses next school year before going to Univeristy, I will have the real time I need to also focus on my writing (possible writing "career")!

So, I wish you a Happy New Year! and I really look forward to sharing more of my experiences with you this year!




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