Procrastination at its Finest

Well, I suppose I might not call it "procrastination", but it falls somewhere along the lines between having a very busy schedule (not having enough free time to write here), and simply trying to put it off for the thought that my life isn't really that exciting (nothing to talk about). However, I suppose that that is not the best way to keep you up to date. :) As you know, I am graduating in June (19 weeks away!). Because I am graduating though, I have my extra classes that I am taking (and now have to work hard to finish in time). So, my priorities have shifted slightly... :/

I LOVE my writing, and all of the free time that I have allocated for doing just that... but with school work seeping in like a bad ink stain on a crisp sheet of paper, I cannot just ignore the stain. D: I do love my extra classes though! Especially my 12th grade English 4 which I learned is almost exactly what I want to study in college (English Lit/ history).

I do expect and hope that by the start of the summer I will be nearly finished with "Enchantress of Erimere", and will be able to turn my attention back over to the rest of the "Hidden Secrets" Trilogy (which, I do have some news for). And as shared before, once back in the United States, I can seek out more counsel and help with furthering my journey in the publishing world. :)




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