A Little Catch-Up

Hidden Secrets: Well, let's just say that it's coming along... haha! You know, having written the first one of these books starting in eighth grade, I can see how my style of writing has developed and changed to where I am now. I would not say that I am not "proud" of "The King's Daughter", because I love it like a child, and I am so intrigued by the characters and places I have created, as well as the scenarios and conflicts. But! I do know that it could use a little more touching up here and there to become (maybe, hopefully, one day) a "masterpiece". I am completely infatuated with the idea of "The Prince's Assassin" (or at least the characters), but I do know that it also requires a little more work to get to a "Great" standing point. I can't wait! to get to work on it more though, and to mold it until it can gleam up on a pedestal of its own! To be quite honest, I am slightly confused myself as to what I am doing with the third book. I've got a lot of ideas, and a lot written down (appx. 70,000), but I am not sure if I am 100% satisfied with it. There is work to do! (P.S. I believe that if this trilogy does get polished, I might wish to change the trilogy name to something a little more captivating and/or unique)

The Enchantress of Erimere (Seraphina): Oh! So much to say! But I do not wish to bore you! (which I have probably already accomplished.) Of course as all first drafts are, "Seraphina" could use some touching up (as well). I do however, believe that this is very different (possibly even more mature) that "The King's Daughter". Of course if you don't know what it is about, you can read what I have on the book's page if you simply click on the tab to the left <-- . I must admit that there comes complications when working with the realm and concept of magic. I do admire the complexity of such a skillful, very ancient idea/ possibility that man can sort of draw on this energy from within themselves and from their surroundings, to shape and use it for their bidding. In this book, it is called "magick". The term "magick" was traditionally a concept created by Aleister Crowley. Ultimately, magick referred to the ability to cause change in any object by will. But, the change must be within the nature of the object. Although this particular rule does not apply to all that the characters within this book do, I want to hopefully further develop it perhaps later on.

A NEW STORY: Well, I suppose I am always working on a "new" story. This one, at the current moment, is called by me, "Minds of Fortitude". It is my first attempt at some sci-fi, and I am loving it! Let me just say that the main characters are a boy and a girl, who both live separate lives on a planet sort of similar to a very, very different Earth. After multiple nations/countries went to nuclear war with one another (35 years before), their planet was left a wasteland (for the most part). Estelle's parents are highly ranked citizens who work directly under the Leaders.... click on the new page to read more!


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