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I hope you haven't given up yet, because I haven't! Many people have been asking me when book two will come out, and as I have said before (I think)... I've put it on the back burner for a little while as I prepare my one work for the Scholastic competition. Book two of my trilogy deserves a little attention too from me! I know. So, in hopes to perhaps to get you a little excited, I'm going to post an excerpt from the book on The Prince's Assassin page on my blog here. I also thought that I would give a little insight into creating the new land that they visit while there. Perhaps a video may be in store shortly here? (If I can figure out how to make one well. ;) What is in store for Arabella? Nevar? They are no longer the main characters in book two, but they still play an important role! So why did I choose to write from a different perspective(s) in book two? And who exactly is this prince that the title is named after? (well sorta).