Summer is Gone?!

I've got a confession... I've had a whole summer break to give constant updates to you, but I have instead spent my time doing everything except that... I've visited flea markets (where I bought a new typewriter)... I went to more medieval festivals where I spent more money that I've been working all summer for babysitting... and I spent countless hours catching up on America's Got Talent and So You Think You Can Dance. Yup, that basically sums it all up.

Oh! And I read ONE book this summer. A new record for the least amount of books I've ever read in two months! That book IS an amazing book however called Thief's Magic by Judi Canavan. With wasting all my time, I've somehow only managed to make a LITTLE bit of progress on Seraphina and The Kingdom's Spy as well as begin a new English Literature course. Now with six days left of summer, what am I to do? Final confession: I feel as though I have nearly all but wasted my summer as a writer. That means I must make up for it. Scholastic Competition is in December and NaNoWriMo is in November so I've got to get some writing done!

I am somewhat pleased to share with you that Seraphina is now 53,000 words in and well past the limit for Scholastic (I shared that before I think), so I should now be working on The Kingdom's Spy. Oh!

Oh! News I forgot to share!
Unfortunately, the name of my new book will not be titled Seraphina as I have been sharing. I chose to call it that until I came up with a more permanent title; and seeing as Seraphina is the name of the main character, and shorter than the title, I thought to temporarily call it that. However, I have finally come up with a title!

The Enchantress of Erimere 

To explain the title and spoil the book a little bit: Seraphina (the main character), is the "enchantress" so to speak. Erimere (pronounced air-i-mere), is the kingdom which she lives in.  
*More will be shared later. 

For now, that is all that I can think of. I will definitely write more about how book three is coming along later for those who are anxious! I am so sorry to announce to those who don't know, but The Prince's Assassin will be held off from publishing for a little while longer until after Scholastic Art and Writing is done and the new year begins. :( It bums me out too. I really can't wait to share Kreathine's adventure with you because I feel that she has a spectacular tale to tell, and a beautiful love story as well ;) Goodnight from Germany! 




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