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Forward with the Book I Shall Go!

August 25th, the date is and I am currently nearly halfway into The Enchantress of Erimere! That is about 49 word pages over the limit for Scholastic and continuing! However, that doesn't matter. What matters is that all is going great with writing despite having been back to school for a full week and a half now... I am of course holding off trying to add on until I have completely gone over and "embellished" the first fifty pages that will be submitted. I am perhaps however looking for a friend or two to read over some of the work just to get a little feedback. :) Of course as you may know the trilogy is currently on the back burner until all is finished with "Seraphina", but I am about halfway through book three, and going through it the same as I have been for the past three months.

Would you like a little insight to a few of the characters? and perhaps a sneak peek at some of the writing? Check out my "Seraphina" page! Thank you again for all of …

Summer is Gone?!

I've got a confession... I've had a whole summer break to give constant updates to you, but I have instead spent my time doing everything except that... I've visited flea markets (where I bought a new typewriter)... I went to more medieval festivals where I spent more money that I've been working all summer for babysitting... and I spent countless hours catching up on America's Got Talent and So You Think You Can Dance. Yup, that basically sums it all up.

Oh! And I read ONE book this summer. A new record for the least amount of books I've ever read in two months! That book IS an amazing book however called Thief's Magic by Judi Canavan. With wasting all my time, I've somehow only managed to make a LITTLE bit of progress on Seraphina and The Kingdom's Spy as well as begin a new English Literature course. Now with six days left of summer, what am I to do? Final confession: I feel as though I have nearly all but wasted my summer as a writer. That means…