With a summer that isn't exactly my version of "eventful", I have had so much time to truly think and work on my new work, "Seraphina"! Talk about character development and excitement! I am glad taht I have not been the only one to notice the differences in my writing since the first written edition of "The King's Daughter". I can't wait to tell you about all of these new characters! All so very different from those of The Hidden Secrets Trilogy. I will actually give you a little introduction to the characters.

Seraphina: Main female character. Seventeen years old. She is EXTREMELY sarcastic and independent. Although blue blood runs in her veins, Seraphina is no Royal. Quite the opposite. After growing up exiled because of her mother, Seraphina has been trained to be an assassin. Her special characteristic is her unusual white hair which originally had labelled her by society and given her a prophecy, (which is nothing good). Let's just say that she is forced to return to an unwanted life, but with the hopes of becoming someone she's always wanted to be. She beholds the gift of natural magick which means that when she was young, she did not need to be taught how to control it, or use it for it is part of her.

Daniel: Royal pain in the... Daniel is the Crown Prince of Erimere (the main kingdom in the story). He is also Seraphina's cousin; (Seraphina's mother was the sister of the queen). He is basically, well, on a constant emotional rampage... yup, basically. He loves fighting with Seraphina, and just so happens to give some pretty good advice (sometimes).

Logan: Main male character. Twenty years old (nearly twenty-one). Logan is a "Warrior", trained in magick and has a dark past which very few are aware of. Even his occupation now is a mystery to most. He is strong in magick and is responsible for Seraphina's well being while she is at Court. His other "talents" and "occupations" will be revealed. ;)

 As for now, I will be getting back to my writing, and hope to have a better more exciting update soon!




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