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100 Book Updates: Failure

Hahaha, well not exactly... So as you may know, I have definitely not completed my 100 book updates as I wished. With too many technical difficulties, I decided to give in and perhaps only create one once a month or so. However, I still give you book updates don't I?! Every time I write a post, I am giving you an update on the progress I make, or something about my writing! So... I decided that seeing as I have 92 (with this it will be 93) posts on this blog, my goal will be to reach 100 by the end of July! Sound fair enough?

As for my book, I am proud to say that I went back and rewrote the beginning of book three and I love it all the more now! With one successful change, I feel more compelled to continue to rework book three so that it makes better sense, and so that you as the reader can enjoy it all the more. :)


      K. K


With a summer that isn't exactly my version of "eventful", I have had so much time to truly think and work on my new work, "Seraphina"! Talk about character development and excitement! I am glad taht I have not been the only one to notice the differences in my writing since the first written edition of "The King's Daughter". I can't wait to tell you about all of these new characters! All so very different from those of The Hidden Secrets Trilogy. I will actually give you a little introduction to the characters.

Seraphina: Main female character. Seventeen years old. She is EXTREMELY sarcastic and independent. Although blue blood runs in her veins, Seraphina is no Royal. Quite the opposite. After growing up exiled because of her mother, Seraphina has been trained to be an assassin. Her special characteristic is her unusual white hair which originally had labelled her by society and given her a prophecy, (which is nothing good). Let's just sa…