Decisions have been made...

Summer has finally arrived in a rather less fashionable, shabby way. In other words, it does not really feel like summer. It has only been two days however! So I suppose I shall wait it out and see when I finally feel like I can breathe... With this said, Summer means that I have more time to work on my book(s), and write to you. :) 

About a week ago, a very important person to me, visited. With this visit came a very deep and important conversation about my short term (this next year) path as a writer. My plans... I mean, of course I will write until I can no longer hold a pen (I hope). But we talked about what I will be doing over the course of this summer and eleventh grade year. 

I have come to somewhat disappointing (for some of you), conclusion that I will be putting off self-publishing book two for a little while longer. All for a good reason though. I have decided to set it aside for a short period of time and focus on working with my technique and skills as a writer by participating in a few writing groups, and an even known as Camp NaNoWriMo this July. I will hopefully be working on my new book "Seraphina", as I work on this because I feel that it is a great piece of writing to mature. With having six months passed after the start of this (so hopefully by January of 2015), I can be able to go back to "The King's Daughter", and perfect it even more. This way, I will be able to look at all three of my novels in the trilogy, with open eyes and new ideas and ways to come about working on them. 

If none of this makes sense, please say so. Or feel free to ask questions! In short, I hope to be finishing Seraphina (for sure), by December to enter in a certain competition. :) With that done and out of the way, I will be able to complete my trilogy to the best of my ability in order to present it as a whole! 




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