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Decisions have been made...

Summer has finally arrived in a rather less fashionable, shabby way. In other words, it does not really feel like summer. It has only been two days however! So I suppose I shall wait it out and see when I finally feel like I can breathe... With this said, Summer means that I have more time to work on my book(s), and write to you. :) 
About a week ago, a very important person to me, visited. With this visit came a very deep and important conversation about my short term (this next year) path as a writer. My plans... I mean, of course I will write until I can no longer hold a pen (I hope). But we talked about what I will be doing over the course of this summer and eleventh grade year. 
I have come to somewhat disappointing (for some of you), conclusion that I will be putting off self-publishing book two for a little while longer. All for a good reason though. I have decided to set it aside for a short period of time and focus on working with my technique and skills as a writer by particip…

Why No Videos?

I have not filmed a book update in a while. That's a lie actually. I have, they just haven't been finished because every time I open iMovie, it freezes after about five minutes and won't close or operate. So... I am in search of a new free program or website where I can do them... However, I did write up what I talked about in the last one, so I have that to share with you. :) Or at least I thought I did! I just went through my documents and cannot find it, so I suppose I had some moment where I didn't want anyone to find it so I didn't save it. Oh well... I can just write it now!

I just finished final exams, so I haven't been writing for a while now, or working on my stories because I had to focus on school. However, school is almost out, so that should no longer be a problem! I recently introduced the title of my new story I have started... Seraphina. I will share more about the story later, perhaps even create a page for it. This will be my novel I enter in …