A New Perspective

Traditional publishing is a long process I decided. That doesn't mean I still won't do it, because I will. I believe that it is worth the wait to find the perfect publisher for my books, is it not? I realized that I will never be seen if I never put myself out there. It does pain me a little, when one publisher says no, but that is really all that it is. A 'no'. At least they read my work, and know who I am now. My mother even says that perhaps one day they would revisit my work. It is about creating the relationship with the publishers. They are people, not computers. It was great getting feedback from one that is unable to publish my work, because it will help me for next time. It's about growth. Every one that says 'no,' means one more that might say yes. I can see, as a Christian how God has the perfect plans for me. One day. So that is why, when people ask me if I am disappointed that one turned me down, I say 'not really', because I know that I will one day find better. 




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